Visible to the public A secure reputation based architecture for MANET routing

TitleA secure reputation based architecture for MANET routing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSharma, S.
Conference Name2017 4th International Conference on Electronics and Communication Systems (ICECS)
Keywordsattack mitigation, backbone network, civilian domains, compositionality, cryptography, denial of service, Denial of Service attacks, DoS attacks, grid structure, legitimacy value table, malicious node effect mitigation, MANET, MANET routing, Metrics, military domains, mobile ad hoc network, mobile ad hoc networks, Monitoring, Node identity, Prime Product Number, pubcrawl, reliability, reputation level table, Reputation Value, resilience, Resiliency, Routing, Routing misbehavior, Routing protocols, secure reputation based architecture, secure routing protocol, specific prime number, telecommunication security, Wireless ad hoc network, Worm hole attacks

Mobile Ad hoc Network has a wide range of applications in military and civilian domains. It is generally assumed that the nodes are trustworthy and cooperative in routing protocols of MANETs viz. AODV, DSR etc. This assumption makes wireless ad hoc network more prone to interception and manipulation which further open possibilities of various types of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. In order to mitigate the effect of malicious nodes, a reputation based secure routing protocol is proposed in this paper. The basic idea of the proposed scheme is organize the network with 25 nodes which are deployed in a 5x5 grid structure. Each normal node in the network has a specific prime number, which acts as Node identity. A Backbone Network (BBN) is deployed in a 5x5 grid structure. The proposed scheme uses legitimacy value table and reputation level table maintained by backbone network in the network. These tables are used to provide best path selection after avoiding malicious nodes during path discovery. Based on the values collected in their legitimacy table & reputation level table backbone nodes separate and avoid the malicious nodes while making path between source and destination.

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