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The Dependable Networking and Computing (DNC) Research Group at Iowa State University, USA ( has postdoc and Ph.D. positions available for research in ultra-reliable, low-latency wireless networks and their applications in AR/VR systems, connected and automated vehicles, smart agriculture, smart grid etc. The postdoc/Ph.D. work will be supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) research projects, and the postdocs/students will have the opportunity to develop both algorithms and field-deployable implementations of next-generation wireless networks such as those envisioned for 5G and beyond. The postdoc positions require prior experience in wireless research, and experience in network systems implementation (e.g., using platforms such as OpenAirInterface, Mosaic5G, CORD/M-CORD, or Contiki) will be a plus. The Ph.D. positions require relevant background in computer science, computer engineering, and/or electrical engineering, and experience in systems building, mathematical modeling, and research will be a plus.

The DNC group explores modeling, algorithmic, and systems issues in wireless sensing and control networks as well as their applications in AR/VR, smart agriculture, connected and automated vehicles, smart energy grid, industrial IoT, and cyber-physical-human systems in general. Besides publications, their work has provided foundational components for several wireless network systems, including the emulation system and software-defined innovation platforms for connected and automated vehicles, cellular research networks, federated sensor networks, and DARPA sensor network systems "A Line in the Sand" and "ExScal" (which, with its 200-node mesh network and 1,200-node mote network, was the world's largest wireless sensor network and mesh network deployed at its time). By focusing on high-impact research and by collaborating with other research groups in academia and industry labs, the DNC group provides access to world-class facilities, real-world experience, and ample opportunities of contributing to the research and engineering communities. Past members of the DNC group have become thought leaders in their fields and have become leading innovators at organizations such as GM Research, Ford Motor Company, Facebook, Marvell Semiconductor Inc., Juniper Networks, Fortinet Inc., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Yale University, and Texas A&M University.

Iowa State University (ISU) is a major research university, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at ISU has over 100 years of rich and distinguished history. (See and For instance, individuals from the department have pioneered the world's first electronic digital computer, encoding process for fax machines, world's first portable phone, medical ultrasound technology, first handheld scientific calculator, and infant respiratory augmentor. As a 220+ acre development and having over 70 tenants employing over 1,700 people, the ISU Research Park ( hosts a vibrant startup community as well as R&D branches of major companies such as John Deere. In addition, many other established and start-up companies (e.g., Rockwell-Collins) are within 100 miles from ISU campus and are leaders in wireless communication and networking, AR/VR and control systems, and their applications in various domains. Being in one of the best college towns in USA which offers the convenience and energy of larger cities, students will also have a great life experience on campus in Ames, Iowa (;,_Iowa).

Prospective postdocs and Ph.D. students interested in high-quality research as well as the translation of research results into running systems are encouraged to contact Prof. Hongwei Zhang (, and share with him your background and interest.