Visible to the public KU SoS Lablet Quarterly Executive Summary - July 2018Conflict Detection Enabled

A. Fundamental Research
The University of Kansas Lablet initiated four projects on resliency, IoT and cloud privacy, preventing side channel communication, and developing semantics and infrastructure for trust.  Specifically, we are: (i) developing a method to enable cloud-assisted, privacy-preserving machine learning classification over encrypted data for IoT devices; (ii) reducing micro-architectural side-channels by introducing new OS abstractions while minimally modifying micro-architecture and OS; (iii) developing an epistemology and ontology for framing resilience; and (iv) formalizing the sufficiency and soundness of remote attestation processes.  While we are eary in our research process, initial results are emerging with details in the full report.

B. Community Engagement(s) 
A key element of our community building is engagement with an external Advisory Board. We recruited members from a cross-section of industry and government representing CPS domains that include: finance, healthcare, infrastructure, security, and manufacturing. At the inaugural advisory board meeting in May we introduced the board to Lablets, the concept of SoS, and the subject of our initial projects. We will work through this group to connect our Lablet to regional SoS challenges.

We have started planning our fall workshop and advisory board meeting to be held October 2 at the KU Edwards Campus in Kansas City.  More details are forthcoming.  Additionally, our resiliency project is planning a conference next spring to be held at KU that will bring together researchers in philosophy of computing to discuss current trends in basic computing sciences including models of resilience.

All our research projects made presentations at conferences and symposiums as well as invited presentations at Universities and companies.  Highlights include two presentations at the High Confidence Software and Systems Conference (HCSS), an invited talk and panel presentation at Honeywell FM&T's Trust Consortium, an invited talk at The International Symposium on Forecasting, and a talk at CPS Security and Education Workshop.

C. Educational Advances
We have no educational advances specific to this effort to report this quarter.