Visible to the public A Hierarchical Game Framework for Data Privacy Preservation in Context-Aware IoT Applications

TitleA Hierarchical Game Framework for Data Privacy Preservation in Context-Aware IoT Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLi, W., Song, T., Li, Y., Ma, L., Yu, J., Cheng, X.
Conference Name2017 IEEE Symposium on Privacy-Aware Computing (PAC)
KeywordsComputer science, Computing Theory, context-aware Internet, context-aware IoT applications, Data models, data privacy, data privacy preservation, game theory, Games, hierarchical game framework, Human Behavior, human factor, Internet of Things, Numerical models, privacy, private information, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, secure privacy-preserving protocols, service provider, two-layer three-player game framework, two-player game model, two-player model, user-defender-attacker game

Due to the increasing concerns of securing private information, context-aware Internet of Things (IoT) applications are in dire need of supporting data privacy preservation for users. In the past years, game theory has been widely applied to design secure and privacy-preserving protocols for users to counter various attacks, and most of the existing work is based on a two-player game model, i.e., a user/defender-attacker game. In this paper, we consider a more practical scenario which involves three players: a user, an attacker, and a service provider, and such a complicated system renders any two-player model inapplicable. To capture the complex interactions between the service provider, the user, and the attacker, we propose a hierarchical two-layer three-player game framework. Finally, we carry out a comprehensive numerical study to validate our proposed game framework and theoretical analysis.

Citation Keyli_hierarchical_2017