Visible to the public Immunity assessment of a servomotor exposed to an intentional train of RF pulses

TitleImmunity assessment of a servomotor exposed to an intentional train of RF pulses
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsHouchouas, V., Esteves, J. L., Cottais, E., Kasmi, C., Armstrong, K.
Conference Name2017 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC EUROPE
ISBN Number978-1-5386-0689-6
Keywordsautomated production lines, cyber-attacks, Damage Assessment, DC motors, electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic field, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic interference, Electromagnetics, EMC, functional safety, immunity assessment, Induction motors, industrial process, intentional interference, intentional train, Off-The-Shelf servomotor, pubcrawl, Radio frequency, radio frequency pulses, resilience, Resiliency, RF pulses, Robotics, robots, servomotor, Servomotors, smart intentional electromagnetic interference, susceptibility

Conducted emission of motors is a domain of interest for EMC as it may introduce disturbances in the system in which they are integrated. Nevertheless few publications deal with the susceptibility of motors, and especially, servomotors despite this devices are more and more used in automated production lines as well as for robotics. Recent papers have been released devoted to the possibility of compromising such systems by cyber-attacks. One could imagine the use of smart intentional electromagnetic interference to modify their behavior or damage them leading in the modification of the industrial process. This paper aims to identify the disturbances that may affect the behavior of a Commercial Off-The-Shelf servomotor when exposed to an electromagnetic field and the criticality of the effects with regards to its application. Experiments have shown that a train of radio frequency pulses may induce an erroneous reading of the position value of the servomotor and modify in an unpredictable way the movement of the motor's axis.

Citation Keyhouchouas_immunity_2017