Visible to the public FADETPM: Novel approach of file assured deletion based on trusted platform module

TitleFADETPM: Novel approach of file assured deletion based on trusted platform module
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsZakaria, I., Mustaha, H.
Conference Name2017 3rd International Conference of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (CloudTech)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-1115-9
KeywordsBusiness, business risk, cloud computing, cloud storage, computer security, computer storage management, computer storage space, cryptographic issues, cryptography, data deletion, data integrity, data privacy, Ephemerizer, FADE, FADETPM, file access policies, File Assured Deletion, Handheld computers, integrity, Internet, Memory, offline data storage, outsourced data files, privacy, pubcrawl, Scalability, SSP, storage management, storage service provider, TPM, Trusted Computing, Trusted Platform Module, VANISH

Nowadays, the Internet is developed, so that the requirements for on- and offline data storage have increased. Large storage IT projects, are related to large costs and high level of business risk. A storage service provider (SSP) provides computer storage space and management. In addition to that, it offers also back-up and archiving. Despite this, many companies fears security, privacy and integrity of outsourced data. As a solution, File Assured Deletion (FADE) is a system built upon standard cryptographic issues. It aims to guarantee their privacy and integrity, and most importantly, assuredly deleted files to make them unrecoverable to anybody (including those who manage the cloud storage) upon revocations of file access policies, by encrypting outsourced data files. Unfortunately, This system remains weak, in case the key manager's security is compromised. Our work provides a new scheme that aims to improve the security of FADE by using the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) that stores safely keys, passwords and digital certificates.

Citation Keyzakaria_fadetpm:_2017