Visible to the public Domain-Specific Requirements Elicitation for Socio- Technical System-of-Systems

TitleDomain-Specific Requirements Elicitation for Socio- Technical System-of-Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsB. Weinert, A. Hahn, M. Uslar
Conference Name2018 13th Annual Conference on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE)
Date PublishedJune
Keywordsarchitecture management approaches, complex infrastructures, critical infrastructures, domain specific characteristics, domain-specific aspects, domain-specific requirements elicitation, e-Navigation, EAM, energy domain, interoperability, interoperability perspectives, MAF, maritime domain, open systems, power engineering computing, RAM, requirements, SGAM, smart power grids, socio- technical system-of-systems, standardized elicitation, system architectures, system of systems, system-of-system engineering efforts
AbstractThe growing use of ICT in complex and critical infrastructures in the energy- and maritime domain leads to the development of system-of-system engineering efforts especially for system architectures. Such efforts need to integrate a standardized elicitation and harmonization of requirements between different interoperability perspectives and with domain-specific aspects. According to this, the paper adapts the existing architecture management approaches SGAM and MAF for a methodology to structure the identification and harmonization of requirements considering domain specific characteristics and interoperability.
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