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TitleCombining Simulation and Emulation Systems for Smart Grid Planning and Evaluation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsChristopher Hannon, Illinois Institute of Technology, Jiaqi Yan, Illinois Institute of Technology, Dong Jin, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chen Chen, Argonne National Laboratory, Jianhui Wang, Argonne National Laboratory
JournalCM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) – Special Issue on PADS
Date Published10/2018
KeywordsAutomated Synthesis Framework for Network Security and Resilience, computing methodologies, Electrical power system simulation, network design principles, Network Emulation, networks, simulation environments, simulation tools, Smart grid, software-defined networking, UIUC

Software-defined networking (SDN) enables efficient networkmanagement. As the technology matures, utilities are looking to integrate those benefits to their operations technology (OT) networks. To help the community to better understand and evaluate the effects of such integration, we develop DSSnet, a testing platform that combines a power distribution system simulator and an SDN-based network emulator for smart grid planning and evaluation. DSSnet relies on a container-based virtual time system to achieve efficient synchronization between the simulation and emulation systems. To enhance the system scalability and usability, we extend DSSnet to support a distributed controller environment. To enhance system fidelity, we extend the virtual time system to support kernel-based switches. We also evaluate the system performance of DSSnet and demonstrate the usability of DSSnet with a resilient demand response application case study.

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Combining Simulation and Emulation Systems for Smart Grid Planning and Evaluation