Visible to the public A New Key Exchange Algorithm over a VLC Indoor Channel

TitleA New Key Exchange Algorithm over a VLC Indoor Channel
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAraya, A., Jirón, I., Soto, I.
Conference Name2017 First South American Colloquium on Visible Light Communications (SACVLC)
Date Publishednov
Keywordsaverage synchronization time t_sync, Biological neural networks, cryptographic protocols, cryptography, cryptosystem security, DH-HEMTs, Diffie-Hellman protocol, free-space optical communication, Galois field, Galois fields, GF(2n), hyperelliptic curves, indoor communication, key exchange algorithm, Metrics, Neural Synchronization, neuronal synchronization, pubcrawl, Public key, Receivers, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, stimulus vector, synchronisation, Synchronization, tree parity machine synchronization, visible light communication indoor channel, Visible Light Communications Security, VLC, VLC indoor channel
AbstractThis paper proposes a new cryptosystem that combines Diffie-Hellman protocol implemented with hyperelliptic curves over a Galois field GF(2n) with Tree Parity Machine synchronization for a Visible Light Communication indoor channel. The proposed cryptosystem security focuses on overcoming a weakness of neuronal synchronization; specifically, the stimulus vector that is public, which allows an attacker to try to synchronize with one of the participants of the synchronization. Real data receptions of the Visible Light Communication channel are included. In addition, there is an improvement of 115% over a range of 100 $łeq$ tsync$łeq$ 400 of the average synchronization time t\_sync, compared to the classic Tree Parity Machine synchronization.
Citation Keyaraya_new_2017