Visible to the public Internet of Radio Light: Unleashing Innovation in Building Networks

TitleInternet of Radio Light: Unleashing Innovation in Building Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCosmas, J., Kapovits, Á
Conference Name2017 Global Wireless Summit (GWS)
Keywordsaccess points, broadband wireless access, computer network security, free-space optical communication, global standard, harmful EM exposure, indoor communication, indoor location accuracy, intelligent building network, interference minimization, interference suppression, Internet, Internet of Radio-Light, IoRL project, ITU, light interference, Metrics, Millimeter Wave Communications, network function virtualisation, Networks in Buildings, pubcrawl, radio networks, resilience, Resiliency, safety concerns, Scalability, Software Defined Networks, visible light communications, Visible Light Communications Security, wireless networks

Wireless networks in buildings suffer from congestion, interference, security and safety concerns, restricted propagation and poor in-door location accuracy. The Internet of Radio-Light (IoRL) project develops a safer, more secure, customizable and intelligent building network that reliably delivers increased throughput (greater than lOGbps) from access points pervasively located within buildings, whilst minimizing interference and harmful EM exposure and providing location accuracy of less than 10 cm. It thereby shows how to solve the problem of broadband wireless access in buildings and promotes the establishment of a global standard in ITU.

Citation Keycosmas_internet_2017