Visible to the public Seismic Cloaking Protection from Earthquakes

TitleSeismic Cloaking Protection from Earthquakes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsHaupt, R. W., Liberman, V., Rothschild, M., Doll, C. G.
Conference Name2018 IEEE International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security (HST)
Keywordsacoustic coupling, acoustic muffler, borehole and trench structures, Computational modeling, Earthquakes, Exhaust systems, Human Behavior, metamaterials, Propagation losses, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Scalability, seismic cloaking, seismic energy magnitude, Seismic waves, Surface impedance, Surface waves
AbstractEach year, large ground motions from earthquakes cause infrastructure damage and loss of life worldwide. Here we present a novel concept that redirects and attenuates hazardous seismic waves using an engineered seismic-muffler acting as a cloaking device. The device employs vertically-oriented, sloping-opposing boreholes or trenches to form muffler walls and is designed to: 1) reflect and divert large amplitude surface waves as a barrier, while 2) dissipating body and converted waves traveling from depth upward into the muffler duct. Seismic wave propagation models suggest that a seismic-muffler can effectively reduce broadband ground motion directly above the muffler. 3D simulations are also compared for validation with experimental data obtained from bench-scale blocks containing machined borehole arrays and trenches. Computer models are then scaled to an earth-sized model. Results suggest a devastating seismic energy magnitude 7.0-\$\textbackslashtextbackslashmathrm M\_\textbackslashtextbackslashmathrm E\$ earthquake can be reduced to less damaging magnitudes experienced in the muffler vicinity, 4.5- \$\textbackslashtextbackslashmathrm M\_\textbackslashtextbackslashmathrm E\$ (surface wave) and 5.7- \$\textbackslashtextbackslashmathrm M\_\textbackslashtextbackslashmathrm E\$ (upgoing coupling into the muffler). Our findings imply that seismic-muffler structures significantly reduce the impact of the peak ground velocity of dangerous surface waves, while, seismic transmission upward through the muffler base at depth has marginal effects.
Citation Keyhaupt_seismic_2018