Visible to the public 2019 National Intelligence StrategyConflict Detection Enabled

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy. The strategy is broad, covering what needs to be done in the 17 IC elements, Cyber is an important part. Its major area 4.

Cyber threats are already challenging public confidence in our global institutions, governance, and norms, while imposing numerous economic costs domestically and globally. As the cyber capabilities of 4 our adversaries (Russia, China, North Korea, Iran) grow, they will pose increasing threats to U.S. security, including critical infrastructure, public health and safety, economic prosperity, and stability.

The IC will

  1. Increase our awareness and understanding of adversaries' use of cyber operations--including leadership plans, intentions, capabilities, and operations--to inform decisions and enable action.

  2. Expand tailored production and appropriate dissemination and release of actionable cyber threat intelligence to support the defense of vital information networks and critical infrastructure.

  3. Expand our ability to enable diplomatic, information, military, economic, financial, intelligence, and law enforcement plans and operations to deter and counter malicious cyber actors and activities.

Also relevant is section 7, Security.

Detect, understand, deter, disrupt, and defend against threats from foreign intelligence entities and insiders to protect U.S. national and economic security.