Visible to the public ICSI SoS Lablet Quarterly Executive Summary - January 2019Conflict Detection Enabled

A. Fundamental Research
The International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) initiated four projects, which together aim to make advances in defining privacy, privacy engineering, Big Data accountability, understanding privacy perceptions, and assessing privacy risks. The specific projects are as follows:

  • Performing empirical research towards applying the theory of Contextual Integrity (CI) to the design of future privacy controls.
    • This quarter we launched several studies to examine privacy issues surrounding in-home voice-activated IoT devices. These studies are designed to examine users' expectations surrounding data capture and transmission.
    • Our work on mobile app privacy controls also continues, as we are now expanding the infrastructure. We are currently performing a study of third party disclosures in privacy policies, pursuant to GDPR, as well as a study of the privacy behaviors of free vs. paid apps.
  • Using formal methods to improve CI theory by refining it to support a wider range of privacy contexts.
    • This project is moving along, with Tschantz and Nissenbaum collaborating on formal definitions of privacy.
  • Conducting a series of workshops with stakeholders from government, industry, and academia to examine issues pertaining to Big Data governance.
  • Conducting a series of workshops on Privacy by Design to examine, improve, and refine privacy engineering practices and outreach efforts.
  • Several of these projects were presented at the quarterly meeting.


B. Community Engagement(s)
Egelman has also had additional meetings with regulators to discuss findings on mobile privacy. This includes ongoing consultations with FTC and state-level regulators.

Several of these projects were presented at the quarterly meeting.


C. Educational Advances
None this quarter.