Visible to the public Cyber Security of Smart Homes: Development of a Reference Architecture for Attack Surface Analysis

TitleCyber Security of Smart Homes: Development of a Reference Architecture for Attack Surface Analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGhirardello, K., Maple, C., Ng, D., Kearney, P.
Conference NameLiving in the Internet of Things: Cybersecurity of the IoT - 2018
ISBN Number978-1-78561-843-7
Keywordsattack surface, attack surface analysis, cyber risk, cyber security, Cyber-physical systems, high-level description, home automation, home automation system, Internet of Things, Metrics, open systems, Pervasive computing, proprietary standards, pubcrawl, reference architecture, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, security analysis, security of data, smart devices, smart home, smart home reference architecture, Smart homes

Recent advances in pervasive computing have caused a rapid growth of the Smart Home market, where a number of otherwise mundane pieces of technology are capable of connecting to the Internet and interacting with other similar devices. However, with the lack of a commonly adopted set of guidelines, several IT companies are producing smart devices with their own proprietary standards, leading to highly heterogeneous Smart Home systems in which the interoperability of the present elements is not always implemented in the most straightforward manner. As such, understanding the cyber risk of these cyber-physical systems beyond the individual devices has become an almost intractable problem. This paper tackles this issue by introducing a Smart Home reference architecture which facilitates security analysis. Being composed by three viewpoints, it gives a high-level description of the various functions and components needed in a domestic IoT device and network. Furthermore, this document demonstrates how the architecture can be used to determine the various attack surfaces of a home automation system from which its key vulnerabilities can be determined.

Citation Keyghirardello_cyber_2018