Visible to the public Hybrid Attribute Based Encryption and Customizable Authorization in Cloud Computing

TitleHybrid Attribute Based Encryption and Customizable Authorization in Cloud Computing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGunjal, Y. S., Gunjal, M. S., Tambe, A. R.
Conference Name2018 International Conference On Advances in Communication and Computing Technology (ICACCT)
Keywordsattribute based encryption, attribute-based security, authorisation, Authorization, authorized cloud server, centralized systems, cipher-text policy attribute-based encryption, Cipher-text-policy attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE), circuits, cloud computing, cloud servers, cloud user, Collaboration, complex access control, counterfeit cipher-text, cryptography, data access, data confidentiality, data owners, Data security, Dual Encryption, encrypted data, Encryption, encryption control access, Human Behavior, hybrid attribute based encryption, hybrid encryption, multi-linear map, policy-based governance, pubcrawl, Scalability, Servers, storage server, user authorization, user data, verifiable customizable authorization
AbstractMost centralized systems allow data access to its cloud user if a cloud user has a certain set of satisfying attributes. Presently, one method to compete such policies is to use an authorized cloud server to maintain the user data and have access control over it. At times, when one of the servers keeping data is compromised, the security of the user data is compromised. For getting access control, maintaining data security and obtaining precise computing results, the data owners have to keep attribute-based security to encrypt the stored data. During the delegation of data on cloud, the cloud servers may be tampered by the counterfeit cipher-text. Furthermore, the authorized users may be cheated by retorting them that they are unauthorized. Largely the encryption control access attribute policies are complex. In this paper, we present Cipher-text Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for maintaining complex access control over encrypted data with verifiable customizable authorization. The proposed technique provides data confidentiality to the encrypted data even if the storage server is comprised. Moreover, our method is highly secured against collusion attacks. In advance, performance evaluation of the proposed system is elaborated with implementation of the same.
Citation Keygunjal_hybrid_2018