Visible to the public Attribute-based proxy re-encryption method for revocation in cloud storage: Reduction of communication cost at re-encryption

TitleAttribute-based proxy re-encryption method for revocation in cloud storage: Reduction of communication cost at re-encryption
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsYasumura, Y., Imabayashi, H., Yamana, H.
Conference Name2018 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Big Data Analysis (ICBDA)
Keywordsabe, Access Control, advanced encryption standard, AES key, attribute based encryption, attribute-based encryption, Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE), Big Data, cloud computing, cloud storage, Collaboration, communication cost, Computational efficiency, cryptography, data owner, data privacy, Data security, easy storage, Encryption, huge communication costs, Human Behavior, hybrid encryption scheme, matching attributes, policy-based governance, privacy concerns, Proxy re-encryption, proxy re-encryption method, pubcrawl, revocation, revoked users, Scalability, Servers, Syalim encryption scheme, symmetric encryption scheme
AbstractIn recent years, many users have uploaded data to the cloud for easy storage and sharing with other users. At the same time, security and privacy concerns for the data are growing. Attribute-based encryption (ABE) enables both data security and access control by defining users with attributes so that only those users who have matching attributes can decrypt them. For real-world applications of ABE, revocation of users or their attributes is necessary so that revoked users can no longer decrypt the data. In actual implementations, ABE is used in hybrid with a symmetric encryption scheme such as the advanced encryption standard (AES) where data is encrypted with AES and the AES key is encrypted with ABE. The hybrid encryption scheme requires re-encryption of the data upon revocation to ensure that the revoked users can no longer decrypt that data. To re-encrypt the data, the data owner (DO) must download the data from the cloud, then decrypt, encrypt, and upload the data back to the cloud, resulting in both huge communication costs and computational burden on the DO depending on the size of the data to be re-encrypted. In this paper, we propose an attribute-based proxy re-encryption method in which data can be re-encrypted in the cloud without downloading any data by adopting both ABE and Syalim's encryption scheme. Our proposed scheme reduces the communication cost between the DO and cloud storage. Experimental results show that the proposed method reduces the communication cost by as much as one quarter compared to that of the trivial solution.
Citation Keyyasumura_attribute-based_2018