Visible to the public Bit Localization in Least Significant Bit Using Fuzzy C-Means

TitleBit Localization in Least Significant Bit Using Fuzzy C-Means
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMutiarachim, A., Pranata, S. Felix, Ansor, B., Shidik, G. Faiar, Fanani, A. Zainul, Soeleman, A., Pramunendar, R. Anggi
Conference Name2018 International Seminar on Application for Technology of Information and Communication
ISBN Number978-1-5386-7485-7
Keywordsbit localization, clustering, composability, cryptography, discrete cosine transforms, embedded message, Fuzzy C Means, fuzzy C-means clustering method, hidden message, Image coding, Image edge detection, image processing, least significant bit, LSB\\_FCM, Market research, mean square error methods, message decryption, Metrics, MSE, pattern clustering, privacy, PSNR, pubcrawl, Seminars, steganography, steganography detection, steganography methods, Watermarking

Least Significant Bit (LSB) as one of steganography methods that already exist today is really mainstream because easy to use, but has weakness that is too easy to decode the hidden message. It is because in LSB the message embedded evenly to all pixels of an image. This paper introduce a method of steganography that combine LSB with clustering method that is Fuzzy C-Means (FCM). It is abbreviated with LSB\_FCM, then compare the stegano result with LSB method. Each image will divided into two cluster, then the biggest cluster capacity will be choosen, finally save the cluster coordinate key as place for embedded message. The key as a reference when decode the message. Each image has their own cluster capacity key. LSB\_FCM has disadvantage that is limited place to embedded message, but it also has advantages compare with LSB that is LSB\_FCM have more difficulty level when decrypted the message than LSB method, because in LSB\_FCM the messages embedded randomly in the best cluster pixel of an image, so to decrypted people must have the cluster coordinate key of the image. Evaluation result show that the MSE and PSNR value of LSB\_FCM some similiar with the pure LSB, it means that LSB\_FCM can give imperceptible image as good as the pure LSB, but have better security from the embedding place.

Citation Keymutiarachim_bit_2018