Visible to the public Detection of SQL injection attacks by removing the parameter values of SQL query

TitleDetection of SQL injection attacks by removing the parameter values of SQL query
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsKatole, R. A., Sherekar, S. S., Thakare, V. M.
Conference Name2018 2nd International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC)
Keywordsbackend database, Computer crime, Conferences, confidential information, database, Databases, desktop web application, Human Behavior, Internet, Internet users, Metrics, mobile computing, mobile web applications, parameter values, policy-based-governance, privacy, pubcrawl, query processing, Resiliency, Runtime, SQL, SQL Injection, SQL injection attack detection method, SQL injection attackers, SQL Injection attacks, SQL query, Structured Query Language, Tools, Web applications, web services

Internet users are increasing day by day. The web services and mobile web applications or desktop web application's demands are also increasing. The chances of a system being hacked are also increasing. All web applications maintain data at the backend database from which results are retrieved. As web applications can be accessed from anywhere all around the world which must be available to all the users of the web application. SQL injection attack is nowadays one of the topmost threats for security of web applications. By using SQL injection attackers can steal confidential information. In this paper, the SQL injection attack detection method by removing the parameter values of the SQL query is discussed and results are presented.

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