Visible to the public Vendor Track Record Selection Using Best Worst Method

TitleVendor Track Record Selection Using Best Worst Method
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSetyono, R. Puji, Sarno, R.
Conference Name2018 International Seminar on Application for Technology of Information and Communication
Date Publishedsep
Keywordsanalytic hierarchy process, Best Worst Method, business performance, business process, Companies, decision making, Indonesia, Industries, MCDM, Metrics, multicriteria decision making, operations research, Procurement, pubcrawl, Seminars, Supplier Selection, Supplier Selection Problems, supply chain management, Supply Chain Risk Assesment, Track Record, vendor assessment, vendor track record selection, vendor valuation, XYZ company
AbstractEvery company will largely depend on other companies. This will help unite a large business process. Risks that arise from other companies will affect the business performance of a company. Because of this, the right choice for suppliers is crucial. Each vendor has different characteristics. Everything is not always suitable basically the selection process is quite complex and risky. This has led to a new case study which has been studied for years by researchers known as Supplier Selection Problems. Selection of vendors with multi-criteria decision making has been widely studied over years ago. The Best Worst Method is a new science in Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) determination. In this research, taking case study at XYZ company is in Indonesia which is engaged in mining and industry. The research utilized the transaction data that have been recorded by the XYZ company and analyzed vendor valuation. The weighting of Best Worst Method is calculated based on vendor assessment result. The results show that XYZ company still focuses on Price as its key criteria.
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