Visible to the public Protecting Agents from Malicious Hosts using Trusted Platform Modules (TPM)

TitleProtecting Agents from Malicious Hosts using Trusted Platform Modules (TPM)
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsShaik, M. A.
Conference Name2018 Second International Conference on Inventive Communication and Computational Technologies (ICICCT)
Date Publishedapr
Keywordsagent based system builders, Agent Protection, composability, computing paradigm, computing problems, Conferences, cryptography, Data processing, eminent scientific community, Hardware Protection, JADE, Java, Java agent development framework, malicious host, mobile agent system, mobile agents, Protocols, pubcrawl, Resiliency, secure protocol, security experts, security mechanisms, security of data, software agent usage approach, software agents, Task Analysis, TPM, trusted platform modules, Trusted Platfrom Modules

Software agents represent an assured computing paradigm that tends to emerge to be an elegant technology to solve present day problems. The eminent Scientific Community has proved us with the usage or implementation of software agent's usage approach that simplifies the proposed solution in various types to solve the traditional computing problems arise. The proof of the same is implemented in several applications that exist based on this area of technology where the software agents have maximum benefits but on the same hand absence of the suitable security mechanisms that endures for systems that are based on representation of barriers exists in the paradigm with respect to present day industry. As the application proposing present security mechanisms is not a trivial one as the agent based system builders or developers who are not often security experts as they subsequently do not count on the area of expertise. This paper presents a novel approach for protecting the infrastructure for solving the issues considered to be malicious host in mobile agent system by implementing a secure protocol to migrate agents from host to host relying in various elements based on the enhanced Trusted Platforms Modules (TPM) for processing data. We use enhanced extension to the Java Agent Development framework (JADE) in our proposed system and a migrating protocol is used to validate the proposed framework (AVASPA).

Citation Keyshaik_protecting_2018