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NIST released Special Publication 1900-202 on Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things.

This document focuses on the meanings of the phrases "cyber-physical systems" (CPS) and "Internet of Things" (IoT), and on the relationship between them. The purpose is to promote a unified measurement science and standards foundation for assured design and operation of complex CPS and IoT applications. These phrases emerged in the science and technology literature at different times and from different expert communities. Despite distinct origins, CPS and IoT refer to a related set of trends in integrating digital capabilities (i.e. network connectivity and computational capability) with physical devices and engineered systems to enhance performance and functionality. Examples of such systems range from intelligent vehicles and smart grid s to advanced manufacturing systems and wearable medical devices. These technology trends create opportunities for progress and economic growth in sectors ranging from energy and transportation to health care, agriculture, public safety, smart cities, and beyond. Uncertainty about the relationship between CPS and IoT has hindered close interaction and communication across the respective communities. The analyses presented in this document are intended to clarify that relationship and reduce uncertainty to promote a common basis for working together-- exchanging best practices and ideas, pursuing shared goals, avoiding duplication of effort, reducing the proliferation of conflicting standards, and catalyzing discovery and innovation.

This document is not intended as a comprehensive review of the extensive CPS and IoT literature.