Visible to the public EDU: Collaborative: HACE Lab: An Online Hardware Security Attack and Countermeasure Evaluation LabConflict Detection Enabled

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Dec 15, 2017 - Aug 31, 2019


University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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This project addresses the need to train students, researchers, and practitioners on diverse hardware security and trust issues as well as emergent solutions. The primary goal is establishing a set of hardware security courseware and enabling adoption of these courseware through the development of an online Hardware Attack and Countermeasure Evaluation (HACE) Lab. The lab will be amenable for remote access and hence will help instructors adopt a curriculum aimed at training students with skills in various aspects of hardware security and trust including Trojan attacks, supply chain issues, side channel attacks, reverse engineering, piracy, and trustable design solutions.

The HACE laboratory platform is expected to enhance existing cybersecurity curricula for both undergraduate and graduate students by including key hardware security topics. It will facilitate adoption and distribution of practical hardware security training modules with an easy-to-use interface that gives users unified access to experimental platforms, software tools for security analysis, metrics, and benchmarks. Students will be able to remotely access the specialized hardware, which are often expensive to acquire or require special training to install/use, to investigate various hardware-based attacks and countermeasures and to get practical understanding on these topics. The project can significantly impact the cybersecurity education through well-designed hardware security training modules and experiment platforms to universities and community colleges nationwide that will vastly increase the pool of well-trained hardware security professionals. The results of the project assessment and student learning outcomes will be shared with the educational community through the HACE website and the Trust-Hub web portal.

Continuation of Award #: 1623299