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HSB 2019: 6th International Workshop on Hybrid Systems and Biology

April 6-7, Prague, Czech Republic. Co-located with ETAPS 2019.

The 6th International Workshop on Hybrid Systems and Biology (HSB) will be
held at at the Charles University, Prague (CZ) on the 6th and 7th April 2019,
and is colocated with ETAPS 2019, the primary European forum for research in
software science which includes some of the top conferences in this field
(ESOP, FASE, FOSSACS, POST and TACAS), and several workshops.

HSB centres on dynamical models in biology, with an emphasis on both hybrid
systems (in the classical sense, i.e., mixed continuous/discrete/stochastic
systems) and hybrid approaches that combine modelling, analysis, algorithmic
and experimental techniques from different areas. Applications include the
study of complex living systems, the design of artificial biochemical systems
and of medical cyber-physical systems. HSB aims at bringing together
researchers from different disciplines interested in applying these methods
to the study of structure, dynamics, and control mechanisms of living systems.

The program of HSB 2019 is available online at

Please register on the ETAPS 2019 page at


- Marta Kwiatkowska, University of Oxford (UK): "Modelling and personalisation
techniques for behavioural prediction and emotion recognition".

- Michela Chiappalone, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia of Genova (IT):
"Closed-loop neurohybrid interfaces: from in vitro to in vivo studies and beyond"

- Igor Schreiber, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (CZ):
"Reaction networks, stability of steady states, motifs for oscillatory dynamics,
and parameter estimation in complex biochemical mechanisms"


HSB will have a special session dedicated to the memory of Oded Maler, very much
missed member of HSB's steering committee and one of the founders of the workshop.
The session will celebrate his life and scientific contributions with invited
talks by:

- Thao Dang, CNRS/VERIMAG, France: "Oded Maler: An odyssey from Computer Science
to Biological Sciences"

- Eugene Asarin, IRIF, France: "Timed Patterns: from Definition to Matching and
Monitoring, a survey in memoriam Oded Maler"

- Alexandre Donze, Decyphir Inc. and University of California at
Berkeley, USA: "From Sensitive to Formal Barbaric Systems Biology"

We look forward to seeing you in Prague!

The HSB 2019 PC chairs
Milan Ceska and Nicola Paoletti