Visible to the public Self-Healing control strategy; Challenges and opportunities for distribution systems in smart grid

TitleSelf-Healing control strategy; Challenges and opportunities for distribution systems in smart grid
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRefaat, S. S., Mohamed, A., Kakosimos, P.
Conference Name2018 IEEE 12th International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering (CPE-POWERENG 2018)
Date Publishedapr
Keywordscomposability, Control Strategy, control systems, Distribution system, electrical distribution system, fault detection, fault localization, fault location, faulted area isolation, Monitoring, power distribution control, power distribution faults, power distribution protection, power distribution reliability, Power Outages, power restoration, power system reliability, power system restoration, power system security, protection system, pubcrawl, Real-time Systems, reliability, resilience, self-healing, self-healing control system concept, self-healing networks, smart distribution grid security, Smart grid, smart grid context, smart grid reliability, Smart grids, smart power grids
AbstractImplementation of self-healing control system in smart grid is a persisting challenge. Self-Healing control strategy is the important guarantee to implement the smart grid. In addition, it is the support of achieving the secure operation, improving the reliability and security of distribution grid, and realizing the smart distribution grid. Although self-healing control system concept is presented in smart grid context, but the complexity of distribution network structure recommended to choose advanced control and protection system using a self-healing, this system must be able to heal any disturbance in the distribution system of smart grid to improve efficiency, resiliency, continuity, and reliability of the smart grid. This review focuses mostly on the key technology of self-healing control, gives an insight into the role of self-healing in distribution system advantages, study challenges and opportunities in the prospect of utilities. The main contribution of this paper is demonstrating proposed architecture, control strategy for self-healing control system includes fault detection, fault localization, faulted area isolation, and power restoration in the electrical distribution system.
Citation Keyrefaat_self-healing_2018