Visible to the public A filter selection based physical layer security system

TitleA filter selection based physical layer security system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsYıldırım, A. Y., Kurt, G. K.
Conference Name2018 26th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU)
Date Publishedmay
KeywordsCommunication system security, composability, Conferences, eavesdropper, eavesdropping attacks, EVM, filter design, filter selection, filtering theory, Metrics, Network security, Physical layer, physical layer security, physical layer security method, physical layer security system, pubcrawl, radio networks, Receivers, Resiliency, Roll of factor, root raised cosine filters, RRC, signal processing security, Signal to noise ratio, software radio, telecommunication security, USRP, Wireless communication
AbstractIn this paper a new physical layer security method is proposed against eavesdropping attacks. Our purpose is to demonstrate that performance of the legitimate receiver can be increased and performance of the eavesdropper can be decreased by matching between the roll of factors of root raised cosine filters in the transmitter and receiver. Through the matching between the roll of factors (a), a performance difference is generated between the legitimate receiver and the eavesdropper. By using three software defined radio nodes error vector magnitude of the legitimate receiver and the eavesdropper is measured according to roll of factors. Performance differences the receiver are demonstrated when the roll off factor is matched and mismatched.
Citation Keyyildirim_filter_2018