Visible to the public Verification CAPTCHA Based on Deep Learning

TitleVerification CAPTCHA Based on Deep Learning
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsZhang, T., Zheng, H., Zhang, L.
Conference Name2018 37th Chinese Control Conference (CCC)
Date Publishedjul
KeywordsBiological neural networks, CAPTCHA, CAPTCHA recognition, captcha segmentation, captchas, composability, convolution, convolution neural network model, convolutional neural networks, Deep Learning, end-to-end, feature extraction, feedforward neural nets, Human Behavior, image recognition, image segmentation, Internet, learning (artificial intelligence), network structure, Neurons, Pattern recognition, pubcrawl, security of data, Training, verification captcha, VGGNet model
AbstractAt present, the captcha is widely used in the Internet. The method of captcha recognition using the convolutional neural networks was introduced in this paper. It was easier to apply the convolution neural network model of simple training to segment the captcha, and the network structure was established imitating VGGNet model. and the correct rate can be reached more than 90%. For the more difficult segmentation captcha, it can be used the end-to-end thought to the captcha as a whole to training, In this way, the recognition rate of the more difficult segmentation captcha can be reached about 85%.
Citation Keyzhang_verification_2018