Visible to the public HoTSoS 2019 Best Paper and Poster AwardsConflict Detection Enabled

The Hot Topics in Science of Security (HoTSoS) Best Paper Award recognizes the paper that exhibits outstanding achievement in science. Papers are selected by the HoTSoS Program Committee. The winning paper is automatically nomination into the Annual Best Scientific Paper Competition.

This year's winning paper was entitled "Integrated Data Space Randomization and Control Reconfiguration for Securing Cyber-Physical Systems" by Bradley Potteiger, Zhenkai Zhang and Xenofon Koutsoukos of Vanderbilt University

The Hot Topics in Science of Security (HoTSoS) Best Poster Award recognizes cybersecurity research with scientific rigor, clarity of presentation, and global impact. It is to encourage scientists across multiple disciplines to address the fundamental problems of security in a principled manner. Award is decided by NSA's SoS Technical lead with input from experts in SoS.

This year's winning poster was entitled "A Synopsis Of Static Analysis Alerts On Open Source Software" by Nasif Imtiaz and Laurie Williams of North Carolina State University

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