Visible to the public Dynamic programming for solving unit commitment and security problems in microgrid systems

TitleDynamic programming for solving unit commitment and security problems in microgrid systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBorra, V. S., Debnath, K.
Conference Name2018 IEEE International Conference on Innovative Research and Development (ICIRD)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-5696-9
KeywordsBatteries, composability, distributed generation, distributed power generation, DP, dynamic programming, dynamic programming algorithm, Dynamical Systems, electrical energy, energy management systems, generation system, Heuristic algorithms, MATLAB software, MCEMS, Metrics, microgrid, microgrid central energy management system, microgrid systems, Microgrids, power generation dispatch, power generation economics, power generation planning, power generation scheduling, power system security, pubcrawl, reliability, renewable energy, Resiliency, security, security problem, Smart grid, Smart grids, UC problem, unit commitment, unit commitment problem

In order to meet the demand of electrical energy by consumers, utilities have to maintain the security of the system. This paper presents a design of the Microgrid Central Energy Management System (MCEMS). It will plan operation of the system one-day advance. The MCEMS will adjust itself during operation if a fault occurs anywhere in the generation system. The proposed approach uses Dynamic Programming (DP) algorithm solves the Unit Commitment (UC) problem and at the same time enhances the security of power system. A case study is performed with ten subsystems. The DP is used to manage the operation of the subsystems and determines the UC on the situation demands. Faults are applied to the system and the DP corrects the UC problem with appropriate power sources to maintain reliability supply. The MATLAB software has been used to simulate the operation of the system.

Citation Keyborra_dynamic_2018