Visible to the public Balancing Organizational Incentives to Counter Insider Threat

TitleBalancing Organizational Incentives to Counter Insider Threat
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMoore, A. P., Cassidy, T. M., Theis, M. C., Bauer, D., Rousseau, D. M., Moore, S. B.
Conference Name2018 IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops (SPW)
Date Publishedmay
ISBN Number978-1-5386-8276-0
Keywordsauthorisation, balanced combination, balances organizational incentives, balancing organizational incentives, best practices, computer security, contracts, dysfunctional management practices, employee welfare, Engagement, Human Behavior, human resources management, insider threat, insider threat program, insider wrongdoing, Metrics, missing dimension, Monitoring, negative incentives, organisational aspects, organizational aspects, organizational context, organizational supportiveness, Organizations, perceived organizational support, Personnel, positive incentives, psychology, pubcrawl, resilience, security of data, sociotechnical systems, software engineering, traditional security practices, workforce management practices

Traditional security practices focus on negative incentives that attempt to force compliance through constraints, monitoring, and punishment. This paper describes a missing dimension of most organizations' insider threat defense-one that explicitly considers positive incentives for attracting individuals to act in the interests of the organization. Positive incentives focus on properties of the organizational context of workforce management practices - including those relating to organizational supportiveness, coworker connectedness, and job engagement. Without due attention to the organizational context in which insider threats occur, insider misbehaviors may simply reoccur as a natural response to counterproductive or dysfunctional management practices. A balanced combination of positive and negative incentives can improve employees' relationships with the organization and provide a means for employees to better cope with personal and professional stressors. An insider threat program that balances organizational incentives can become an advocate for the workforce and a means for improving employee work life - a welcome message to employees who feel threatened by programs focused on discovering insider wrongdoing.

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