Visible to the public Modeling Cryptographic Protocols Using the Algebraic Processor

TitleModeling Cryptographic Protocols Using the Algebraic Processor
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFrolov, A. B., Vinnikov, A. M.
Conference Name2018 IV International Conference on Information Technologies in Engineering Education (Inforino)
Keywordsalgebra, Automata, automata models, automata theory, chosen cipher text attack, Computational modeling, computer network, cryptographic primitives, cryptographic protocols, cryptography, cryptograthic protocol, Data models, Department of Mathematical Modeling, education-oriented capabilities, El Gamal signature, Human Behavior, information protection, Internet, Kerberos, Kerberos protocol, Key Distribution, key distribution protocols functionality, Mathematical model, Metrics, MPEI algebraic processor, private key cryptography, pubcrawl, remote computers, remote modeling, Resiliency

We present the IT solution for remote modeling of cryptographic protocols and other cryptographic primitives and a number of education-oriented capabilities based on them. These capabilities are provided at the Department of Mathematical Modeling using the MPEI algebraic processor, and allow remote participants to create automata models of cryptographic protocols, use and manage them in the modeling process. Particular attention is paid to the IT solution for modeling of the private communication and key distribution using the processor combined with the Kerberos protocol. This allows simulation and studying of key distribution protocols functionality on remote computers via the Internet. The importance of studying cryptographic primitives for future IT specialists is emphasized.

Citation Keyfrolov_modeling_2018