Visible to the public "iOS Devices Compromised Again"Conflict Detection Enabled

The Media Trust Digital Security and Operations team has discovered a new steganography campaign that targets iOS devices. Steganography is a method that can be used by hackers to hide malicious data or malware in or by way of image files, video clips, audio files, and other unsuspecting mediums. The malware used in this campaign, called Stegoware-3PC, has been spread via publishers, demand-side vendors, and other adtech vendors. Stegoware-3PC was found to be hiding in PNG files, which are embedded in fake ads appearing to be from popular brands. These ads lead to the exfiltration of visitors' personal information by the malware. One of the procedures of the malware is to ensure that it is being executed on an iOS device. This article continues to discuss the delivery, techniques, and procedures of Stegoware-3PC.

ISBuzz News report "iOS Devices Compromised Again"