Visible to the public KLRA: A Kernel Level Resource Auditing Tool For IoT Operating System Security

TitleKLRA: A Kernel Level Resource Auditing Tool For IoT Operating System Security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLi, D., Zhang, Z., Liao, W., Xu, Z.
Conference Name2018 IEEE/ACM Symposium on Edge Computing (SEC)
Date Publishedoct
ISBN Number978-1-5386-9445-9
Keywordsdata privacy, Hardware, Human Behavior, human factors, Internet of Things, IoT device, iot operating system, IoT operating system security, Kernel, kernel level, kernel level resource auditing tool, KLRA, operating system kernels, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, resource auditor, resource-sensitive events, Scalability, security, Security Audits, security issues, security of data, self-adaptive heuristic security mechanism, Task Analysis, Tools

Nowadays, the rapid development of the Internet of Things facilitates human life and work, while it also brings great security risks to the society due to the frequent occurrence of various security issues. IoT device has the characteristics of large-scale deployment and single responsibility application, which makes it easy to cause a chain reaction and results in widespread privacy leakage and system security problems when the software vulnerability is identified. It is difficult to guarantee that there is no security hole in the IoT operating system which is usually designed for MCU and has no kernel mode. An alternative solution is to identify the security issues in the first time when the system is hijacked and suspend the suspicious task before it causes irreparable damage. This paper proposes KLRA (A Kernel Level Resource Auditing Tool) for IoT Operating System Security This tool collects the resource-sensitive events in the kernel and audit the the resource consumption pattern of the system at the same time. KLRA can take fine-grained events measure with low cost and report the relevant security warning in the first time when the behavior of the system is abnormal compared with daily operations for the real responsibility of this device. KLRA enables the IoT operating system for MCU to generate the security early warning and thereby provides a self-adaptive heuristic security mechanism for the entire IoT system.

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