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Position Announcement

Position Announcement: PhD position in ML for PHY at Nokia Bell Labs

Dear Colleagues,

We are offering a PhD position at Nokia Bell Labs, France with the following scope:

Job Description

This post consists in integrating the AI task force. As a PhD candidate you will be asked to publish on first-class conference and IEEE journals, to provide standard relevant patentable ideas and to provide ideas and solution.

Length: 3 years.

It will be demanded:

  • Read existing documentation (3gpp document, research literature...).
  • Implementation of standalone simulators.
  • Working on the Nokia simulator.
  • Proposing and testing solutions.
  • Publishing on first-class IEEE conference and journals.

This experience will permit you to understand the functioning of 3gpp and machine learning. You will follow your research in a stimulating ambience in one of the most world-renowned research lab. Competitive salary is offered from the company, and an academic partner will be selected to follow the research development.


  • Master in Electrical/Telecommunication engineering with background in signal processing and communication theory.
  • Language : professional English required.
  • Radio communication knowledge (beamforming, precoding, MIMO,...)
  • Software: MATLAB / Linux / Python / Script / Bash.
  • Experience with ML implementation preferred.
  • Autonomous, responsible with good coding and mathematical skills. Priority handling and team-player.


For more information, please contact one or more of the following individuals:

A link to the Nokia Bell Labs, France website can be found here.

Best Regards,
Majid Butt