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The London-based independent policy institute, Chatham House, recently released a research paper, titled Cybersecurity of NATO's Space-based Strategic Assets. The paper calls for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its member countries to examine and make efforts to improve the cybersecurity of space-based satellite control systems as these systems have been discovered to be vulnerable to cyberattacks that pose a significant threat to global security. Since most modern military engagements depend on space systems, cyberattacks on such systems could lead to the distribution of false information to troops, redirection of movements, and more. This article continues to discuss key points made in the Chatham House paper in regard to the vulnerability of space-based satellite control systems to cyberattacks, the risk posed by cyberattacks on these systems, and how NATO countries should strengthen the cybersecurity of satellite systems.

ZDNet reports "Cyberwarfare in Space: Satellites at Risk of Hacker Attacks"