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2019 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference

December 9-13, 2019

Condado Plaza Hilton

San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

ACSAC brings together cutting-edge researchers, with a broad cross-section of security professionals drawn from academia, industry, and government, gathered to present and discuss the latest security results and topics. With peer reviewed technical papers, invited talks, panels, national interest discussions, workshops, and professional development and training courses, ACSAC continues its core mission of investigating practical solutions for computer and network security technology.

ACSAC will be held at the Condado Plaza Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Centrally located in the trendy Condado Beach area, near historic Old San Juan, the hotel is an ideal location to both attend the conference and spend time relaxing and sightseeing in the warm tropical weather. The hotel continues to report progress on its comprehensive restoration program and will be fully functioning in December.

We invite you to submit your work to the conference. As an internationally recognized forum where practitioners, researchers, and developers meet to learn and to exchange practical ideas and experiences in computer and network security, we welcome your contributions. In addition to peer-reviewed papers on new work, we also welcome case studies on real-world applications, panels featuring interactive expert discussions, hands-on training courses on new and emerging topics, and workshops comprised of 1-2 days sessions on hot topics.

Hard Topic Theme: Deployable and Impactful Security

This year's hard topic theme solicits research results and technologies that are more practical and applied, and can be potentially deployed, where they can have a direct impact on improving the quality of cybersecurity in real-world systems. Deployable and impactful security generally involves the development of defensive solutions, rather than simply exposing weaknesses and vulnerabilities. While ACSAC has always solicited work on applied security, by having it as a hard topic theme we hope to put greater emphasis on deployability and impactfulness.

Deployable and impactful security needs to address key real-world challenges, which may include accuracy, runtime overhead, ground-truth labeling, human aspects, usability, and energy consumption. Deployable and impactful security does not necessarily mean building a complete system, which may not be realistic, particularly in an academic environment. However, the work needs to identify key deployment challenges, explain the deficiencies in state-of-the-art solutions, and experimentally demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approaches and (potential) impact to the real world. The work may involve prototyping, defining metrics, benchmark evaluation, and experimental comparison with state-of-the-art approaches in testbeds or real-world pilots, possibly with operational data. Having the deployability and impactfulness goal motivates one to focus on solving the most critical real-world challenges, which may otherwise be ignored by the fast-moving research community.

See the Call for Submissions for more information about submitting to the hard topic theme. We encourage everyone to submit work on this topic, and look forward to hearing about your work at this year's conference.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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