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Dear Colleagues,

The U.S. Department of State has a program, known as the Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) program. It arranges for U.S. students at colleges and universities to work with Federal agencies on a wide-range of 600+ topics over the academic year while staying on campus. This is not a course; it is not work-study. Many universities do however give recognition for participating. Overall, students get a great opportunity and a great recommendation from the participating agency.

However, the window for application closes THIS WEDNESDAY 31 JULY 2019. If you or your students or a student you know might be interested, please suggest this program to them. A VSFS application is submitted through

Information about the VSFS program:
How to apply:
Most frequently asked questions:

NSF is a participating agency. The announcement for NSF topics is at:

NSF-USA-1 Team with EASE: Excellence Awards in Science and Engineering Recognize those who have made significant contributions in STEM education at the K-12 grade levels, as well as individuals and organizations that have contributed outstanding efforts in enhancing the participation of underrepresented persons in STEM. Join the NSF EASE team.
NSF-USA-2 Portfolio Analysis for Research on Networking Technology and Systems Contribute to the analysis of short-term and long-term trends in the computer networking projects funded by the Networking Technology and Systems (NeTS) cluster at NSF. Use publicly-available information to identify recent developments and the focus areas of the research efforts funded by NSF.
NSF-USA-3 NSF I-Corp Vlogging Broadening Participation Messaging Campaign Intern Support the NSF I-Corps Broadening Participation Messaging Campaign by engaging with underserved communities, focused on MSIs. Engage with a larger community and increase awareness about the impact of I-Corps and I-Corps innovation program.
NSF-USA-4 Data and Pattern Mining of Federal Computer Science Research Investments Explore patterns and changes in sponsored scientific research in selected technical disciplines within computer science based upon open-source databases of research projects across the federal government.
NSF-USA-5 Social & Economic Sciences Funding Outcomes by the Numbers Help collect, combine, analyze, and visualize data to inform a quadrennial assessment of the NSF Division of Social and Economic Sciences and develop materials for stakeholder outreach.
NSF-USA-6 NSF-Vanderbilt Website Usability Assessment Assess usability of the web portal at Vanderbilt University, known as the Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Organization (CPS-VO), by assisting in furthering its development, making it more useful and usable to the research community.

The CPS-VO has a particular interest in topic 4 and topic 6, which we have highlighted above.

For more information about the VSFS program in the press, there are:

We hope that you can let your students, friends, and colleagues know about the VSFS opportunities; especially, the two that are highlighted for NSF in cooperation with Vanderbilt.

Thank you!