Visible to the public Secure Proof of Retrievability System in Cloud for Data Integrity

TitleSecure Proof of Retrievability System in Cloud for Data Integrity
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsChavan, N. S., Sharma, D.
Conference Name2018 Fourth International Conference on Computing Communication Control and Automation (ICCUBEA)
KeywordsAES encryption, Application software, Ciphers, Cloud Auditing, cloud computing, Cloud Controller (CSC), cloud service controller, Cloud storage (CST), compositionality, computational cost, cryptography, data integrity, data storage, Databases, Encryption, encryption audits, file upload phase, Generators, integrity verification, Metrics, proof of retrievability, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, retrievability system, security model, security of data, Servers, SHA-S12, storage management, tag generation, third party auditor, Third Party Auditor (TPA)

Due to expansion of Internet and huge dataset, many organizations started to use cloud. Cloud Computing moves the application software and databases to the centralized large data centers, where the management of the data and services may not be fully trustworthy. Due to this cloud faces many threats. In this work, we study the problem of ensuring the integrity of data storage in Cloud Computing. To reduce the computational cost at user side during the integrity verification of their data, the notion of public verifiability has been proposed. Our approach is to create a new entity names Cloud Service Controller (CSC) which will help us to reduce the trust on the Third Party Auditor (TPA). We have strengthened the security model by using AES Encryption with SHA-S12 & tag generation. In this paper we get a brief introduction about the file upload phase, integrity of the file & Proof of Retrievability of the file.

Citation Keychavan_secure_2018