Visible to the public EAGER: SaTC: Early-Stage Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Developing the Concept of a Near Misses Analysis Capability and NTSB-Model for Cyber IncidentsConflict Detection Enabled

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Jul 15, 2019 - Jun 30, 2020


Northeastern University


National Science Foundation

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The idea of extracting information out of cyber incidents that can be used to prevent other, similar incidents at other organizations has often been compared to creating a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for cybersecurity incidents. This project would further this idea by holding a workshop engaged in exploring the barriers to information sharing and data use among organizations, the possible costs and rewards of such a board, the steps required for implementation through policy proposals, and alternative mechanisms, other than a security incident sharing board.

The workshop focuses on the financial or banking industry. It will achieve enhanced understanding of cyber incident sharing in industry and have a broader impact of increased partnerships between academia, industry, and others through the workshop activities. Workshop participants will be invited from government agencies, victim organizations, financial services organizations, cybersecurity providers, incident responders, and the insurance industry. Further workshops will be planned with the ultimate goal being to provide a substantial new source of data on cyber incidents for research in security, for organizations that must protect themselves against cyber incidents, and for the security industry.

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