Visible to the public "More Than 2m AT&T Phones Illegally Unlocked by Bribed Insiders"Conflict Detection Enabled

It has been discovered that between 2012 and 2017, an individual recruited AT&T employees at the company's call center in Bothell, Washington, to plant malware and misuse the company's computer networks to illegally unlock phones. To do that, the insiders who were bribed disabled proprietary software that locked AT&T phones and prevented them from being used on other carriers' systems. When people slip out of the proprietary locking software, they're also slipping out of the long-term service contracts that bind them to AT&T's wireless network. That's a lot of lost profit for AT&T, as in, millions of dollars. The suspect who bribed the workers, and those workers who took the bribe have been convicted. This is a great example of why employees are the biggest risk to cybersecurity among businesses

Naked Security reports: "More Than 2m AT&T Phones Illegally Unlocked by Bribed Insiders"