Visible to the public "4 Dating Apps Pinpoint Users’ Precise Locations – and Leak the Data"Conflict Detection Enabled

It has been discovered that four popular dating apps that together have 10 million users have been found to leak precise locations of their members. The 4 companies include Grindr, Romeo, Recon and 3fun. The researchers found that the location data collected and stored by these apps is also very precise - 8 decimal places of latitude/longitude in some cases. The data collected allowed the researchers to track users exact movements, so that they could tell where individuals lived, socialized, and what paths they used every day to walk. This can be dangerous for individuals using these dating apps, and can lead to them being stalked and even could cause worse things to occur. These companies have been notified of this.

Threatpost reports: "4 Dating Apps Pinpoint Users' Precise Locations - and Leak the Data"