Visible to the public "Link Between Personality Type and Vulnerabilities to Cybercrime"Conflict Detection Enabled

It has been discovered that only four in 10 (42%) businesses focus on compliance training as part of their cybersecurity protocol to ensure sensitive data is kept secure. Even more worryingly 63% rely predominantly on passwords to protect their data. The research also went on to identify people's potential strengths and weaknesses, and concluded that that people who focus their attention on the outside world (Extraversion) are more vulnerable to manipulation and persuasion by cybercriminals. People that lean towards Sensing preferences (people that observe and remember details) may be better suited to spotting risks as they arise. Companies need to improve employees' self-awareness, which will lead to them maximizing individual and team performance, and will decrease the likeliness of a cyberattacks from occurring, because of traits an individual has.

Help Net Security reports: "Link Between Personality Type and Vulnerabilities to Cybercrime"