Visible to the public Security Challenges and Attacks in Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks MANETs

TitleSecurity Challenges and Attacks in Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks MANETs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAbdel-Fattah, F., Farhan, K. A., Al-Tarawneh, F. H., AlTamimi, F.
Conference Name2019 IEEE Jordan International Joint Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (JEEIT)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-7942-5
KeywordsAd hoc networks, base station, blackhole attacks, compositionality, MANET protocol stack, MANET security, MANET topology, MANETs Attacks, MANETs Security, Metrics, mobile ad hoc network, mobile ad hoc networks, mobile computing, mobile nodes, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, router, Routing, Routing protocols, security, security challenges, telecommunication network topology, telecommunication security, wireless technology

Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET for short) is a new art of wireless technology that connect a group of mobile nodes in a dynamically decentralized fashion without the need of a base station, or a centralized administration, whereas each mobile node can work as a router. MANET topology changes frequently, because of the MANET dynamically formation nature, and freely to move randomly. MANET can function as standalone or can be connected to external networks. Mobile nodes are characterized with minimal human interaction, weight, less memory, and power. Despite all the pros of MANET and the widely spreading in many and critical industries, MANET has some cons and suffers from severe security issues. In this survey we emphasize on the different types of attacks at MANET protocol stack, and show how MANET is vulnerable to those attacks.

Citation Keyabdel-fattah_security_2019