Visible to the public An Improved Cross-Coupled NAND Gates PUF for Bank IC Card

TitleAn Improved Cross-Coupled NAND Gates PUF for Bank IC Card
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsKhuchit, Uyangaa, Bai, Yonghong, Wu, Liji, Zhang, Xiangmin
Conference NameProceedings of the 2Nd International Conference on Cryptography, Security and Privacy
Conference LocationNew York, NY, USA
ISBN Number978-1-4503-6361-7
Keywordscomposability, FPGA, Metrics, Microelectronics Security, physical unclonable functions, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, system-on-chip

This paper presents some verifications and improved considerations of NAND PUF, which was introduced recently [1]. For embedded system such as IC cards, the secret data in memory is vulnerable, so it has to be encrypted and secured. PUF circuit is sensitive to environmental condition, especially in the temperature range influences and variations of current and voltages. This proposed bank IC card would be operated in AB class standard, i.e. voltage would be constant except for power mode changing. Nevertheless, operational temperatures may vary such as the situation of outdoor ATM. Thus, this paper presented some results of our PUF work in Cadence, also on FPGA board. Around 5ns is spent for stabilization of our PUF output that is under variance temperature when power mode changes. Inter Hamming distances is 48.9%, very near to uniqueness and robustness value, that our PUF is feasible to use in bankcard. The maximum error rates are HDintra(0$^\circ$C) = 3.9961 and HDintra(80$^\circ$C) = 3.9916 where at antipoles, while the minimum error rate is HDintra(20$^\circ$C) = 2.9 at room temperature. For improvement, Repetition, LDPC and SEC-DED codes are considered that would eliminate error rates.

Citation Keykhuchit_improved_2018