Visible to the public Integration of QR Code Based on Generation, Parsing and Business Processing Mechanism

TitleIntegration of QR Code Based on Generation, Parsing and Business Processing Mechanism
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLi, Bo, Kong, Libo, Huang, Yuan, Li, Liang, Chen, Jingyun
Conference NameProceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering 2018
Conference LocationNew York, NY, USA
ISBN Number978-1-4503-6352-5
Keywordscryptography, cyber physical systems, Integrated QR code, Intelligent generation, pubcrawl, QR codes, Resiliency, Unified parsing
AbstractThe process of information and transformation of society has become a habit in modem people. We are accustomed to using the mobile phone for all kinds of operations, such as: sweep code to order meals, buy tickets and payment, thanks to the popularity of QR code technology in our country. There are many applications in the market with the function of scanning QR code, however, some QR codes can only be parsed by the specified application software. For instance, it can not work when using Alipay scanning QR code which configured by WeChat payment certificate Web program. The user will not be able to pay for such operations. For a product or service provider, different QR codes need to be created for different applications; for a user, a certain business operation needs to face multiple QR codes to select corresponding software in the device. The integration of QR code technology has become a key breakthrough point to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
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