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The 5th F1/10 Autonomous Racing Competition

New York City, New York

Columbia University, School of Engineering

October 13-14, 2019

We have great news! The F1/10 Autonomous Racing competition will be held in NYC on Oct 13 and 14th at Columbia University's Engineering school. We have a very nice and large space so your cars can go zoom zoom! F1 Tenth is an International Competition.

We expose you to the foundations of perception, planning, and control in a fun and challenging environment. Participating teams race vehicles with similar hardware specification and try to outsmart and outpace each other in a battle of algorithms.

This year we will have two race themes (a) head-to-head racing, and (b) time trials with and without obstacles. The website will help you build, code and race your own autonomous car.

Details and Registration here -

Registration and attendance is FREE

Feel free to talk with us about any questions you may have on the

Prof. Rahul Mangharam
Dept. of Electrical and Systems Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Pennsylvania