Visible to the public Improving Our Understanding of Measured Jitter (in HAMR)

TitleImproving Our Understanding of Measured Jitter (in HAMR)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHohlfeld, J., Czoschke, P., Asselin, P., Benakli, M.
JournalIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Keywordscomposability, compositionality, cross-track direction, cyber physical systems, Data analysis, data analysis scheme, down-track reader resolution, Heat-assisted magnetic recording, Heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), Internet of Things, Jitter, linear disk velocity, magnetic heads, magnetic recording, Magnetic Remanence, measured jitter, Measurement, micromagnetic simulations, micromagnetics, Noise measurement, Optical wavelength conversion, pubcrawl, remanence, Resiliency, root causes, Signal to noise ratio, transition jitter, WC overshoot amplitude, write current, write-field rise time

The understanding of measured jitter is improved in three ways. First, it is shown that the measured jitter is not only governed by written-in jitter and the reader resolution along the cross-track direction but by remanence noise in the vicinity of transitions and the down-track reader resolution as well. Second, a novel data analysis scheme is introduced that allows for an unambiguous separation of these two contributions. Third, based on data analyses involving the first two learnings and micro-magnetic simulations, we identify and explain the root causes for variations of jitter with write current (WC) (write field), WC overshoot amplitude (write-field rise time), and linear disk velocity measured for heat-assisted magnetic recording.

Citation Keyhohlfeld_improving_2019