Visible to the public Research on Storage Mechanism of Cloud Security Policy

TitleResearch on Storage Mechanism of Cloud Security Policy
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLi, Ling, An, Xiaoguang
Conference Name2018 International Conference on Virtual Reality and Intelligent Systems (ICVRIS)
Keywordscloud computing, cloud computing security, Cloud Security, cloud security policy, cloud storage, Formal concept analysis, Key Words: Cloud Computing, Lattices, policy information, policy repository, policy storage technology, policy-based governance, popular policy repositories, pubcrawl, relational databases, Secure storage, security of data, Security Policies Analysis, security policy, storage management, storage mechanism, Testing, XML
AbstractCloud computing, cloud security and cloud storage have been gradually introduced into people's life and become hot topicsof research, for which relevant technologies have permeated through the computer industry and relevant industries. With the coming of the modern information society, secure storage of data has been becoming increasingly important. Proceeding from traditional policy storage, this paper includes comparison and improvement of policy storage for the purpose of meeting requirements of storage of cloud security policy. Policy storage technology refers to a technology used to realize storage of policies created by users and relevant policy information. Policy repository can conduct centralized management and processing of multiple policies and their relevant information. At present, popular policy repositories generally include policy storage for relational database or policy storage for directory server or a file in a fixed format, such as XML file format.
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