Visible to the public Light Database Encryption Design Utilizing Multicore Processors for Mobile Devices

TitleLight Database Encryption Design Utilizing Multicore Processors for Mobile Devices
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAlomari, Mohammad Ahmed, Hafiz Yusoff, M., Samsudin, Khairulmizam, Ahmad, R. Badlishah
Conference Name2019 IEEE 15th International Colloquium on Signal Processing Its Applications (CSPA)
Keywordscommodity multicore processors, composability, cryptography, data confidentiality, data protection, Databases, device processing resources, embedded devices, Embedded systems, Encryption, full disk encryption, handheld devices, Human Behavior, light database encryption design, massive storage systems, Metrics, mobile computing, mobile devices, multicore computing security, multicore CPU, Multicore processing, multiprocessing systems, parallel database encryption system, parallel databases, Performance, performance evaluation, pubcrawl, RDBMS, relational database security, relational databases, Resiliency, Scalability, smart phones, SQLite databases, SQLite RDBMS, SQLite-XTS, storage management, storage security, user sensitive data, XTS encryption

The confidentiality of data stored in embedded and handheld devices has become an urgent necessity more than ever before. Encryption of sensitive data is a well-known technique to preserve their confidentiality, however it comes with certain costs that can heavily impact the device processing resources. Utilizing multicore processors, which are equipped with current embedded devices, has brought a new era to enhance data confidentiality while maintaining suitable device performance. Encrypting the complete storage area, also known as Full Disk Encryption (FDE) can still be challenging, especially with newly emerging massive storage systems. Alternatively, since the most user sensitive data are residing inside persisting databases, it will be more efficient to focus on securing SQLite databases, through encryption, where SQLite is the most common RDBMS in handheld and embedded systems. This paper addresses the problem of ensuring data protection in embedded and mobile devices while maintaining suitable device performance by mitigating the impact of encryption. We presented here a proposed design for a parallel database encryption system, called SQLite-XTS. The proposed system encrypts data stored in databases transparently on-the-fly without the need for any user intervention. To maintain a proper device performance, the system takes advantage of the commodity multicore processors available with most embedded and mobile devices.

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