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According to Proofpoint's Third Quarter 2019 Threat Report, malicious URLs are dominating over attachments in email phishing attacks. One key takeaway from the third quarter of 2019 is that malicious URL messages made up 88% of all messages, containing malware-infested links and attachments, combined globally. This finding highlights the growing advancement of social engineering attacks. Security experts have advised organizations to take a multi-layered approach to mitigating social engineering attacks, which involves increasing the security of the email channel and identifying highly targeted users. This article continues to discuss key takeaways from Proofpoint's recently released quarterly threat report in relation to the increased use of malicious URLs in phishing attacks, the decrease in ransomware attacks, the return of the Emotnet botnet, and the mitigation of social engineering attacks.

TNW reports "Scammers Favor Malicious URLs Over Attachments in Email Phishing Attacks"