Visible to the public Blockchain-Based PKI Solutions for IoT

TitleBlockchain-Based PKI Solutions for IoT
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSingla, Ankush, Bertino, Elisa
Conference Name2018 IEEE 4th International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing (CIC)
Keywordsbitcoin, blockchain, blockchain-based alternatives, blockchain-based PKI solutions, certification authority, computer network security, consensus protocols, data integrity, decentralized trusted third parties, Emercoin Name Value Service, Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Light Sync client, Human Behavior, Internet of Things, IoT, Metrics, Peer-to-peer computing, peer-to-peer data store, PKI Trust Models, Protocols, pubcrawl, Public key, public key certificates, public key cryptography, public key infrastructure, publicly verifiable trusted third parties, Resiliency, robust PKI, Scalability, scalable PKI, smart contracts, Trusted Computing
AbstractTraditionally, a Certification Authority (CA) is required to sign, manage, verify and revoke public key certificates. Multiple CAs together form the CA-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The use of a PKI forces one to place trust in the CAs, which have proven to be a single point-of-failure on multiple occasions. Blockchain has emerged as a transformational technology that replaces centralized trusted third parties with a decentralized, publicly verifiable, peer-to-peer data store which maintains data integrity among nodes through various consensus protocols. In this paper, we deploy three blockchain-based alternatives to the CA-based PKI for supporting IoT devices, based on Emercoin Name Value Service (NVS), smart contracts by Ethereum blockchain, and Ethereum Light Sync client. We compare these approaches with CA-based PKI and show that they are much more efficient in terms of computational and storage requirements in addition to providing a more robust and scalable PKI.
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